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7 Decoration Suggestions for Marine Houses

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Here are the ways to decorate Marine homes to enjoy the summer!

Since we enter the period we migrate to maritime houses, it is important that the Maritime houses, which are empty all year, are arranged according to the seasonal conditions, cleaned and finally harmonized with the trends of the season. Plastering handles with decoration recommendations for marine houses.

1. Comfortable and light furniture

Summer homes are used as temporary and short seasons, where possible primarily focused on comfort and lightness. For this reason, a little, but the essence is essential. Choose a space-saving, easy-to-carry and replaceable, moisture-resistant furniture. Choose linen-like lightweight textured fabrics. It will also be practical to choose the seats. Anchor Pillows will also add a different atmosphere to your Marine home

Navigation Map Sail Boat Anchor Home Decor Pillow Linen Cotton


2. Light tones

Marine colors are light tones. Add blue and green tones to them. Benefit from light as much as possible, and let the light run all over the house with light-colored walls. Light colors will fit fairly easily with wood, bamboo and metal.

3. Practical parts

Everything in the Marine house should be practical so that you have more time to do everything about the Marine. For this reason, everything is easy to clean and replaceable parts. Your curtains can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine. You can also choose bamboo, wicker curtain or storeroom.

Decor, A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor Shower Curtain Suit

4. Marine Wall Decorations

Elegant Marine Wall Sticker or Anchor Marine Wall Clocks will make great contributions to your home, the Marine Decor look.

Yacht Leaving Clock Sailing Boat Modern Wall Clock Sea Style Beach 


Smooth Sea Heaven Made A Sailor Wall Stickers Decals Art Quotes

5. The advantage of the mosquito net

If you don't want to be bothered by flies at night you can book a mosquito net for your bed. In this way, if your windows are open and you can easily get rid of both the possibility of the wind and the flies.

6. We do not give up the marble

Materials such as marble, natural stone give coolness in indoor areas. Gray and earth tones will give the advantage of being clean, and they will contrast the light tones to be used on the walls and add a nice air to the house.

7. Sea and Ship reminding accessories

Starfish and mussels, leaves and twigs, stones collected from the sea, wind rose, rope etc. Please choose accessories that are reminiscent of text. Show blue, green and white tones in light color frames.


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