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Aframax tanker Indian Master stabbed by Croatian officer UPDATE – Seafarer and Sea Store

Aframax tanker Indian Master stabbed by Croatian officer UPDATE

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As it became known recently, Indian Captain of Aframax tanker STI GUARD was attacked, and stabbed, by a Croatian officer – actually, his position and rank weren’t disclosed, but other sources, maritime communities to be exact, rumored him to be a 2 officer. He’s under arrest in Mauritius, first court hearings to be held on Feb 21. Reportedly, he was angered by Master’s criticism of his duty performance.

It’s a very delicate and complicated situation, demanding a through investigations and impartial judgment. On the face of it, young 23-year old Croatian seafarer is solely to blame, he’s obvious perpetrator. But many of those who’s been working on board of ships and experienced long journeys under the command of Master who, for whatever reason, took a beef on somebody among crew, know, how unbearable life may become, if your superior is nagging you day and night (it’s a ship, not a city office), and finding fault with whatever you do. So is young sailor the only one to be blamed? He’s guilty, no doubt about it, but may there be any mitigating factors?


İnitial News:

MTI Network on behalf of Scorpio contacted MB and shed a light on STI GUARD incident:
The Master was stabbed by a crew member, not the Chief Officer.
The Chief Engineer was never in Command.
There is now a new replacement Captain on board the STI Guard which has now sailed from Reunion to Mauritius.
The Master who was stabbed is recovering well in hospital.

Thanks a lot, MTI, probably local media mistook Chief Officer for a Chief Engineer.

Feb 6 UPDATE: According to Trade Wind citing Scorpio, MB initial assumption was correct, and wounded person is a Master of the ship:
Scorpio stunned by stabbing of vessel master
Group is working with authorities to investigate incident and guard against future violence as injured seafarer listed in “stable” condition.
The story nevertheless, remains a mystery – why Chief Engineer happened to be the only senior Officer on board to take command; what happened to Chief Officer; what caused that outrageous incident.

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Aframax crude oil tanker STI GUARD interrupted her voyage from Ust-Luga Russia to Singapore on Feb 4, sailing in Indian ocean, after one of the crew of Indian nationality was twice stabbed in chest-abdomen in a fight with another crew. The ship turned to Reunion island, alerting MRCC Reunion and asking for medevac. Wounded sailor was medevaced by helicopter early in the morning Feb 5, and transferred to hospital. Tanker reportedly, will have to call Reunion for investigation. No details given on the attacker, except that he was isolated. Understood he’s to be handed over to Reunion police. Local media described wounded sailor as “commander” – is he ship’s Master, or officer?
Chief Engineer was mentioned in the report and praised as highly professional officer, so it makes the story all the more interesting – what happened in there, and why Chief Engineer had to be in command? Chief Officer attacked Master, so Chief Engineer was the next in line to take command?
Crude oil tanker STI GUARD, IMO 9717101, dwt 109999, built 2016, flag Marshall Islands, manager SCORPIO COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT.

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