Filipino Seafarers Salaries Send $ 6 Billion to Their Countries

Filipino Sailors Send $ 6 Billion to Their Countries

Seafarer Salary


Filipino Seaman achieved a record high level of foreign exchange flow last year, providing revenue growth. In 2018, Filipino seafarers salaries sent $ 6 billion to their countries.

This amount of income of the Filipino seafarers; container, bulk cargo, tanker, car ships and cruise ships recorded on open seas throughout the world. According to the statement of Philippine state officials, in 2018 about 4,6% of the total income was $ 270 million, compared to the previous year.

According to the news agency Xinhuanet, the distribution of money from Filipino seafarers is as follows; 2.31 million dollars from America, $ 563.85 million through Singapore, $ 560.98 million through Germany, $ 435.82 million through Japan, $ 275.53 million through Hong Kong, $ 259.12 million through the Netherlands and 174.98 million dollars was realized through Greece.

The record revenue of Filipino seafarers this year is only the amount that has been recorded through the bank system. In addition, the amount of cash that the seafarers bring with them is not known yet.

Seafarer's Salary

According to the information provided by the National Federation of Filipino Seafarers; At present, there are 1.2 million people working on the world and about 378.000 people are Filipinos. For this reason, as a nation, the water has already put its weight in the shipping sector of the maritime sector and dominated the sector.

If the Filipino seafarers do not work on board, the economic system of the country is at the point of collapse. For this reason, the maritime profession is encouraged in the Philippines and various facilities are provided for people. Shipowners' income is generally used for business opening, agricultural land operation and house building purposes.



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