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5 Things to Consider When Wearing Choker Necklaces , Anchor Necklaces

One of the biggest trends of the 90s, Anchor necklaces with leash models, is now on the agenda with different uses.

Kendall Jenner to Rihanna, Taylor Swift in Gigi Hadid, street fashion to red carpets; Stylish choker necklace models make your style a charismatic touch! Well, what should you look at when wearing an Anchor necklace? When you wear Seaman necklace models, what should be your dress or hair? Which face type of Anchor necklace models is suitable?

5 Things to Consider When Wearing Choker Necklaces , Anchor Necklaces

Let's take a look briefly on the history of Anchor necklaces before answering. Noble women living in medieval times wore anchor necklaces stamped with the Saint Sebastian motif to protect them from the plague epidemic. During the French Revolution, women were wearing a red ribbon around their necks while protesting the victims. In the 1800s, black ribbon necklaces were often used by ballerinas to show their necks more elegant. Seawoman Necklace models, which appeared in many places during the 90s, from red to red carpet, are one of the most popular accessories of our time. Here's another thing you need to know about Mathilda's necklace!

5 Things to Consider When Wearing Choker Necklaces , Anchor Necklaces

What kind of clothes should you wear?

When you create a combo with Choker necklace, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the seaman's sweater, blouse or shirt. Keep in mind that Anchor Necklace is an ideal necklace model to make your neck look longer, and you must uncover its strength! Therefore, choose the neck part open collar.

When you wear your choker necklace, it is useful to create monochrome combinations. So wear black from the top and put on your black necklace. Or complete your white combination with a white choker necklace. If you want to adapt your choker to your office style, choose lace or tiny bead detail models. In the style of night gowns, of course, combine the chunky choker necklace models with your evening dresses.

How should your hair be?

When you wear the anchor necklace, it is useful to make the accent on your neck. So as you can get inspired by ballerinas, a bun or a tight ponytail model will allow you to complete your style perfectly. In the style of your night, creating a wet hair look to the back of a hairstyle to lay your hair choker necklace will provide an eye-catching harmony. The appearance you need to avoid is scattered and open hair.

5 Things to Consider When Wearing Choker Necklaces , Anchor Necklaces

Which type of face should you choose?

Anchor necklaces with a longer neckline feature a little more risk for those with very short neck area. If the correct model is not selected, the neck may appear thick. If you have a long and thin neck, the more detail and the sea necklace models will be ideal for you. If your neck is thicker than you should choose a simple model. If your neck area is short, you should use the finest string choker necklace models.

When choosing your necklace, don't forget to find the right size to fit your neck, even a little bit! Usually choker necklaces have a length of 350 to 406 mm and you can find the right model for you by taking your neck.

Which style should be created with which necklace?

  • The choker in the form of fabric ribbons always creates an elegant and nostalgic look.
  • You can create a bohemian style with lace and crochet embroidered choker necklaces.
  • Anchors have a huge stone and are ideal for those who want a sophisticated style.
  • Metal chain Anchor models are the perfect complement to classic styles.
  • Leather choker necklaces are the number one accessory to create a cool and masculine style.

5 Things to Consider When Wearing Choker Necklaces , Anchor Necklaces

Choker necklace to those who want to design their own: How to do?

Choker necklace is so easy to create wonders in the trend! To create an elegant look like the 19th-century ballerinas, make a black suede or leather tie indiscriminately several times around your neck by making a beautiful ribbon. If you don't prefer this simplicity, add your dream stone to your lace and do the same.