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What should Seaman / Seawoman do to protect foot health?


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According to research on foot health, 95 percent of babies are born with healthy feet, while 60 percent of adults have foot problems. Our feet, which carry the full load of our bodies as seafarers, negatively affect our quality of life when we do not take care of them and lead to a decrease in our business performance on board. In this week's health corner, SeamanFan will discuss the issue of foot health and share useful information about what to do to protect our foot health.


Why is foot health important?

Our feet are one of the basic conditions of our freedom of movement. The smallest problem that arises in our foot health affects our quality of life and the sailors' work performance on board. Difficulties in standing or walking on deck and in the engine room all day long cause pain in our foot muscles and joints, then in our spine system and in different parts of our body. So far, it is a well-known fact that foot problems are among the causes of chronic headache problem.

The most important causes of disruption of foot health include excessive weight, insufficient movement during the day, incorrect safety shoes and selection of socks and chronic diseases. Also, wearing the same safety shoes every day and not enough to take off the shoes after the sailors are at the forefront of health problems in terms of foot health. Problems such as ingrown toenail, itching and redness, finger infections, calluses and fungi, standing swelling are the most common foot problems.

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60 percent of adults have foot problems.


However, every negative development in our foot health is easily noticeable. If we pay enough attention to our foot health on board, we can easily notice the problems on our feet. Comparing our feet with each other is also important for foot health. Some simple comparisons of the appearance of the foot skin and nails, the presence of the veins, the hard spots and redness in the foot will enable us to reach important information about foot health.

What should we do to protect our foot health?

In this part of our article, we will share useful information about what to do to protect our foot health. However, it should be noted that this information is only in the context of preventive medicine, and has no purpose of treatment. If you have any problems with your foot health, you should go to your physician to have an examination, and you should continue your treatment under the supervision of your physician. If you have a congenital anatomical deformity on your feet or if you have a variety of foot problems due to a chronic disease such as diabetes, you should get medical support to protect your foot health.

You should not neglect your daily foot care.

Daily care for sailors is actually enough for warm water and antibacterial soap. Your choice of soap may be natural blended soaps specially prepared for foot care. However, you have to make sure that the cleaning of the fingers is well cleaned, especially during cleaning. In this respect, keeping your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes is absolutely not enough in terms of foot health. If you ignore the fingers during foot cleaning, you can prepare for various health problems. If you want to apply moisturizing after applying your feet, you should not apply them on wet feet. If your feet are wet, skin rash may occur.

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As a sailor You should not wear your same safety shoes every day.


You must clean the dead cells.

Cleaning of dead cells in terms of foot health is very important. To get rid of these cells, you can rub your foot with a heel stone after softening in warm water. You should apply care creams and lotions in the next stage of cleaning, not on the dead cells. Also, you should not put too much pressure on your feet with your towel while you are setting up your feet. Otherwise, redness and pain may form on your feet. Powdering the feet with a drug-free baby powder is also very useful for foot health.

You must be careful when cutting your nails.

Care of the toenails is one of the most important issues in foot health. You should ensure that your toenail is softened before cutting it, and prevent it from being damaged by pushing the nails back while cutting. And of course, to cut your toenails should not expect to grow too long, you must cut once a week. If you do not take care of your fingernails, you may experience problems such as nail sticking.

You must rest your feet.

Your task on the ship whether you are a deck or a machine crew affected by all the fatigue of the feet in the evening hours may occur swelling. If you need to survive for a long time during the day due to your job on the ship, swelling may occur due to the accumulation of blood in the lower parts of your body. In the evening you can keep your feet up to 20 cm high, and you can spread these swellings. Simply massaging your feet is also an effective method. In this way, your feet, the new day will adapt more easily. When your feet are not sufficiently rested, your foot pain can lead to knee and low back pain and limit your freedom of movement.

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Sea women; High-heeled shoes increase the risk of varicose veins.


You should pay attention to your choice of shoes and socks.

Choosing the right safety shoes and socks when working on board makes a great contribution to the protection of our foot health. Seaman's shoes and socks in contact with their feet throughout the day should not cause problems such as gait disturbances, perspiration odor, and foot infections. When choosing safety shoes, leather shoes made of natural materials should be evaluated first and we should give priority to lace-up shoes that can be adjusted to tightness. If we're going to buy synthetic shoes, we need to make sure it's air-permeable. We should not prefer narrow molded, pointed toe and high-heeled shoes, we should not use shoes that are not suitable for activities such as walking or sports.

Choosing the right safety shoes, ankle and knee as well as on the hips and spines have a relaxing effect. Wrong safety shoes can cause many health problems from permanent deformities to stress fractures and bone edema. The sock we will wear must be attractive. If you choose soft and comfortable socks, your feet can move comfortably during the day. The socks that come to your feet will create a cramping effect and will negatively affect your foot comfort. When choosing socks, you should also give priority to seamless socks.


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