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Apple Watch Hermès

"Smartphones are not enough for us. We want smart watches, bracelets, rings! In Could it be that behind all those brilliant discoveries that bring the world of technology one step closer to fashion, scientists have a desire to address our style concerns? We do not think, but in any case the result was satisfactory for everyone. It seems to continue to be.

Creativity, pushing limits, confusing ile All these are common features shared by fashion and technology. It is not unusual for the two to come together from time to time. What's really interesting is the intimacy. The successive collaborations are the biggest proof of this. Google Glass and Diane von Furstenberg and Warby Parker partnerships, Opening Ceremony and MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), Apple Watch Hermès watch, right behind it Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear Apple

MICA arising from the collaboration of Opening Ceremony and Intel Corporation


In short, we have become accustomed to handling technology in our hands, it's time to move on us as well. Certainly, our choices reflect our style and identity. Therefore, if we were to use the fashion accessory for purpose, wearable smart devices had to be stylish at the same time. And the first examples are not bad at all.

USB Smart Backpack Men Women Anti Theft From

USB Smart Backpack Men Women Anti Theft

"Well, what do they do exactly?" As for the answer to the question. For example, smart watches, which are considered to be the biggest technological innovations after smartphones, are based on the fact that the device transfers the data collected by the sensors to your phone via a Bluetooth connection. This information includes many options such as step counts, weight meter, social media monitoring, sending and receiving messages, remote talk, calendar control, music broadcasting, photo taking. Lar Smart bir such as necklaces, bracelets and rings are functional with the features they are programmed to play as an impressive accessory with their subtle design.

Ringly Smart Ring

The last word: Fashion and technology ın Long live the brotherhood of worlds!

Smart Rings New NFC Multifunctional Waterproof

Smart Rings New NFC Multifunctional Waterproof

Smart Tracking

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Photos: Apple Watch Hermes, Opening Ceremony and Intel Corporation arising from the collaboration MICE, smart ring Ringly